Consulting experience

·       Azienda Global Business Group
Mission: Overall support to Italian entrepreneurs to start a business in Bulgaria". Seat Servizi
Knyaz Alexander I Batenberg, Str. 4000 Plovdiv. Bulgaria
Reference Manager: Luigi Pietro Ghia  Qualifica: Presidente
Activies: Training of different kinds for Italian companies working in Bulgaria. Consulting for companies' reorganization.

·       Company Key Media EOOD  
Mission: Publishing house.
Seat: Sofia,  Via Ianko Sakesov, 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria
Reference Manager: Renata Bortolozzo, Sofia.  Position; Managing Director
Activities:  Consulting for the research of Italian publishers willing to print books and magazines in Bulgaria

·       Company KAPPAEFFE  EOOD  
Mission: Clothes production in Bulgaria on behalf of Italian customers.
Seat: Nova Zagora,  Bulgaria
Reference Manager in Italy: Paolo Favaretti, Italy Rome. 
Activities: Balance sheet analysis for optimization. Consulting for internal and external process reorganization. Consulting for new activities.

·       Company B&P, Brand and Publishing
Mission: Società editrice di studi e report sul brand e sui rapporti tra marchi, aziende e consumatori
Seat: via Pacchiotti 123, Torino
Tel.  011 75 76 293                    
Reference Manager: Paolo Cagliero   Position: General Manager
Activities: Consultant for the realization of a research on the Wellness market  in cooperation with Roma Tre  University. Publications of articles on economic and other topics

·       Company: Bingo Gallura
Mission: Bingo  playing and catering
Seat: Olbia, Sardinia, via dell’Acquedotto, 21/E
Tel. 0789 209 114                
Activities: Market analysis for promotion and advertisement
Reference Manager: Ing. Ubaldo D’Arconte        Position: Managing Director  

·       Immobiliare il Casale Srl
Mission: real estate complex  building
Sede: Via Sergio Bragato, 20,  00123     Roma
Tel. 06/30893526
Activities: Business Plan for the destination of a real estate complex.
Reference Manager,  Mr. Armando Ippolito    Position: Managing Director